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TRIP REPORT: Icelandair (Economy) Reykjavik-Amsterdam

The short 45 minute stopover in Reykjavik elapsed quickly and boarding began on schedule. The Icelandair Boeing 767-300 filled quickly with a majority

of passengers connecting from North American destinations via (Reykjavik) Keflavik.

The Boeing 767 is the largest aircraft in the Icelandair fleet.

Icelandair Boeing 767

Boarding the Boeing 767

The wide-body Boeing 767-300ER aircrafts were acquired during the Spring of 2016 and are relatively new to Icelandair. The cabin inside the Boeing 767 is consistent with the Icelandair Boeing 757 cabins, with seat-back inflight entertainment and mood lighting. The cabin of the Boeing 767 felt more spacious compared the narrow body 757, as a wide-body aircraft has a 2-3-2 economy configuration versus the narrow-body's 3-3 economy configuration.

An Unexpected Upgrade

On this flight my assigned seat was 27C (aisle), located within the middle 3 seats of the 2-3-3 configuration. After takeoff the couple seated next to me, moved to the vacant 2 seats (27 G/F) for a window view leaving a row of 3 seats to myself. With 3 seats to spread out and relax, the flight was very enjoyable. I was able to remove my personal bag from under the seat in-front of me and place the bag on the middle seat next me to add some extra legroom. In my opinion, a row of economy seats are comparable to a business class seat. Without the dinning and hospitality extras featured in business class.

Icelandair Boeing 767 Cabin

Icelandair Economy Service

The service is basic with complimentary soft drinks and in-flight entertainment. The economy seat has a respectable 32-33 inch pitch and includes one checked bag (up to 23kg).

Final Thoughts

Overall, my Icelandair experience was enjoyable and I would fly with Icelandair again. With Icelandair as a "hybrid low-cost/full service" airline, the pricing is very competitive. If given the choice between Wow Air and Icelandair, consider the incredible value that Icelandair provides passengers.

Flight Information

Airline: Icelandair Airplane: Boeing 767-300ER Seat: 27C From: Reykjavik Keflavik To: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Date: February 16th, 2017

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