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Garrett gaudet - DJ

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Garrett Gaudet's DJing career started with the #1 Apple Podcasts Music Commentary Podcast, EDM Weekly with Garrett Gaudet. With over 380 episodes and over half a million downloads, his extensive knowledge of electronic music has led to Garrett becoming an influential music curator. His diverse music library gives Garrett the ability to create unique sets that cater to the crowd and/or location. He mixes EDM, dance/pop, tech-house, melodic techno, and big room into his signature 'Spectrum of Dance' style.


  • Apple Podcasts #1 music commentary podcast (8 countries)

  • apple podcasts top 200 music commentary charts (60 countries)

  • apple podcasts top 200 music charts (25 Countries)

  • Spotify top 100 music podcast charts (10 countries)

  • Spreaker Top Dj podcast (2017 & 2018)

  • spreaker top music podcasts (2014-2017)

Garrett Gaudet DJ

long BIO

Garrett Gaudet's passion for dance music started while attending hockey games, with arenas pumping electronic music like "Darude -Sandstorm," "Zombie Nation -Kernkraft 400," & "2Unlimited -No Limit" to hype the crowd. From that moment, he was hooked on electronic dance music's energy, feeling and power. Early on, he downloaded tracks to create mixtapes for the car and to give to friends. Growing up in a rural Canadian town, Garrett found that local radio stations were not meeting his love for dance music, and his friends had no clue who Tiësto was. Garrett decided that he was going to create a new community for dance music and share the music he obsesses over.

In February 2013, Garrett published the first episode of EDM Weekly. The beginnings of the podcast were rough, with no production or broadcasting experience. Despite this, he continued to refine his presenting and mixing abilities, spending countless hours watching the festival live streams of Ultra Miami, A State of Trance, and Tomorrowland to study the techniques used by the world's most prominent electronic artists. 

After finishing an internship with Microsoft's social media team, he started implementing a strategy to grow the podcast. With the development of a global audience through Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes), it began to pay off. Apple added EDM Weekly to the New & Noteworthy page. The podcast soared to the top of the charts amongst Garrett's favourite artists, Armin van Buuren, Hardwell & Avicii. 

While studying business at college, Garrett began working within the music industry to promote electronic artists and events using the now large audience of the show, collaborating with artists, record labels, PR teams and promoters to market new music and provide media coverage at music events. Garrett travelled to international music festivals as a media partner to create content for the event and interview top DJs. With the show's growth, Garrett began a Summer Residency on FM Radio, producing a one-hour-long edition of EDM Weekly on Saturday nights for Southwestern Ontario & Rogers TV. The podcast became a regular in Apple's Top 200 Music & Music Commentary Podcasts Charts. 

Tchami & Orjan Nilsen headlined the artists who created exclusive guest mixes to promote their albums/eps on the EDM Weekly podcast. Following the fan favourite mixes, Garrett celebrated half a million downloads, 100 hours listened and reached #1 on the Apple Podcast Music Commentary charts.

Garrett brings his over a decade of experience in dance music and extensive knowledge of genres to the decks as an emerging DJ. He mixes EDM, dance/pop, tech-house, melodic techno, and big room into his signature 'Spectrum of Dance' style. 

DJ Sets

Garrett Gaudet in Banff

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sarah's house party

january 13, 2024





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Looking for an experienced EDM DJ to take your event to the next level? Look no further than Garrett.

As a DJ for hire, Garrett knows how to create an unforgettable atmosphere. From corporate activations to house parties and beyond, Garrett can play anywhere and is ready to bring the energy to your event. 

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